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Tiger vs. Jack: Golf’s Greatest Rivalry – Now available!

December 8th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Press Release
Dec. 8, 2010 – Capelle Publishing

Tiger vs. Jack: Golf’s Great Rivalry

Today marks the release of Tiger vs. Jack by Phil Capelle, the first and only book dedicated to golf’s two all time greatest players.

Tiger Woods will supposedly replace Jack Nicklaus at the top when he breaks his record of 18 major titles. But Capelle refutes this overly simplistic notion with his comprehensive new definition of golfing greatness. In his view, the heartbreaking “losses” each has suffered do count, and so he does with the introduction of his Contender Finishes ranking system.

The quality of competition, the rules of the game, equipment, and course conditions are among the ever changing factors that must be weighed when debating who is the best, Tiger or Jack? And, of course, luck’s role must also be considered.

Tiger vs. Jack is divided into four parts. Playing for History (1) sets the stage for Woods’ quest with a fresh look at the majors, the all time greats, and each player’s competition. Playing the Game (2) compares their swings and games from tee to green, their mental games, and the author’s offers his well-considered opinion of who would win if they could have only competed in each other’s eras.

In Tiger vs. Jack (3) Capelle provides his expansive new definition of greatness and compares Woods’ and Nicklaus’ careers with an in depth analysis and new perspectives that are sure to inspire clubhouse debates. Finally, in The Best Ever (4) the author explores the risks that Woods faces, bias in the media, and then he talks about how golf needs to go beyond major titles only in making The Big Decision.

The coming season is the most anticipated one since Woods’ turned pro. Will his new swing work? Can he regain the magic on the greens? Is he still the game’s top closer? And will the host of young talent challenge him at the majors?

Golf fans have so much to look forward to in 2011, and yet they will become even more absorbed by Tiger’s Quest after reading Tiger vs. Jack, the ultimate guide to golf’s greatest rivalry.

Tiger vs. Jack – Contents

Part 1 – Playing for History
1 The Big Four
2 The Great Champions
3 Nicklaus’ Rivalries
4 Tiger’s Tragedy

Part 2 – Playing the Game
5 The Swing is Everything
6 Through the Bag
7 Putting for History
8 Incredible Minds
9 Trading Places

Part 3 – Tiger vs. Jack
10 Golfing Geniuses
11 Becoming the Best
12 Jack’s Journey
13 Tiger’s Mission
14 The Luck Factor
15 In the Arena
16 Ranking Golf’s Best
17 On Tour Victories
18 Great Deeds

Part 4 – The Best Ever
19 Crystal Ball Gazing
20 The Big Decision

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  • 1 paul gray // Dec 10, 2010 at 11:55 am

    This looks like the book that golf fans have been looking for. I know there has been a lot of misinformation and outright B.S. about Tiger. i need the facts and from the table of contents, it seems to be an in depth analysis. Ican’t wait to read it.

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